Importance of Safety Signage At Work

At work, one main thing that every owner needs to ensure is the safety of employees. If workers and other staff face issues like injuries, the company will have to face monetary loss. One of the best ways to keep everything running and ensuring that nothing goes wrong, is by using safety signs and signals.

Signals and safety signs are used as a way of communicating health and safety information. It is important for everyone concerned to understand the risks and to know how to deal with it. 

Safety signals are of different types and each sign is meant to deliver a specific message. Some of the signs are easily available at hardware stores but for customized signage, you will have to contact an authentic safety signage supplier.

Reasons Why Safety Signs and Signals are Important for a Workplace

There are several reasons why proper signage at a high-hazard workplace is important. For example, in a state of emergency where a worker is injured, the other workers should know where the first aid kit is to help their co-worker. This is just one example; signs are useful in many different scenarios.

Signs showing the location of the fire extinguisher, eyewash station, and emergency exit are all important at a workplace. Also, signs tend to help in preventing accidents from happening. They reduce the likelihood of injuries. Not just these, they are helpful in many different situations.

Different Types of Signals

For different areas, there are different sign boards used including:

Prohibition signs:

These signs are mostly red slashed with central pictograms that show an area where some specific activity is not allowed. These are common and you may have seen them.  Common prohibition signs include no smoking, no drinking or eating, do not open and so many others.

Danger signs:

These signs are installed in areas where potential danger and risks are present. If anyone does not heed these signs may have to face serious injuries or even death. Common danger signs are high voltage, radiation risk, dangerous chemicals and similar others.

Warning signs:

Warning signs are similar to danger signs signals indicating serious workplace hazards that can cause serious injuries or death.

Caution Signs:

Caution signs are used to grab the attention of people that indicate low to mild danger levels that may result in minor to moderate injuries if proper attention is not maintained. There are many examples of caution signs like trip hazard, wet floor and forklifts trucks operating.

General safety signs:

General safety signs are also known as emergency information signs. These signs mostly have pictograms with text, green in colour. These signs serve as reminders for safety rules and the best practices of a workplace as well as used to inform/direct employees to emergency equipment if needed. Common examples are signs of a fire extinguisher, first aid kits, emergency phones etc.

Construction signs:

Most of these signs have an orange background with a worker’s pictogram in the centre. These signs are mainly used for common people to let them know that a specific area is under construction to prevent accidents. There are some signs used in construction sites that include signs indicating open holes, hard hat area, falling rocks and some others.

Signs and signals are important for a workplace to let the passing by people or employees know about potential dangers and how to prevent or deal with them.

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