How to use a tipping trailer safely

Tripping trailers cause no harm if used correctly and are suitable for use across a variety of work environments and applications. However, there are several operating risks that may come in front of the operator if the tripping trailer isn’t operated properly. A user must be aware of the risks in order to use it properly.

Below you will learn how to load and unload the trailer and avoid any inconvenience:


How to load a tripping trailer?

In order to avoid any mishap, you should follow some basic guidelines particularly when using tripping trailers.

At first, you need to have knowledge about your trailer’s ATM i.e., Aggregate Trailer Mass. An ATM is the total weight of a trailer that is fully loaded when combined with the towing vehicle. If you want to tow your trailer safely and legally, all you need is to make sure that you do not exceed the maximum carrying capacity when loading a tripping trailer.

Also, when loading and unloading make sure that the load you put into the trailer is distributed properly so that the trailer is stable. You should distribute the load by using a 3:2 ratio, which means that you should stack 60% of the load on the front side and rest 40% of the load at the backend of the trailer.


Unload a tipper trailer

You may think that this isn’t a difficult task but a straightforward process, however, there are some factors that need to be kept in mind to ensure that the unloading of the tripping trailer is done efficiently and safely.


Keep yourself clear

You or any other operator need to clear themselves first no matter when loading or unloading the tray. You need to stand clear to avoid getting any part of your clothing or body trapped in the body of the trailer or the hydraulic mechanism.

There are a lot of incidents where people get injured because of unexpected lowering of trays. You can upgrade the tray by contacting some tipping trailer in NZ so that nothing goes wrong.

The key point to note is that you should always avoid getting under the tray when raised, this is the best possible way to avoid any injuries when it is unexpectedly lowered.


Check clearance

Before raising the tray of the trailer, make sure to check that there is sufficient space for the tray to avoid hindrance when it is lifted.


Make sure the ground is level

When the tray is raised the centre of gravity of the trailer changes, so it is important to check and ensure that the ground where the trailer is positioned is flat and even. Most of the time, trays topple over on its side because it becomes unbalanced when raised on an uneven surface. The simple way to avoid this is to make sure that the trailer is parked and positioned on stable and even ground which is well compacted.


Upgrade your tipper trailer

You can customize your tripping trailers with a range of upgrades that match your specific needs, for example, you can add front axle electric brakes, land cruiser tires and rims. You can also upgrade the load capacity by 3.2 tonne ATM, 3.5 tonne ATM or 4.5 tonne ATM. You can upgrade the existing trailer or buy a hydraulic tipper trailer for sale.

Also, a good way to make unloading easier is to add a double swing tailgate for smooth movements for both top and bottom swings. 

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