Different types of external wall ventilation

There are many components in the structure of a building that make sure that the building remains firm and the climate inside it remains bearable for the tenants. One such component is external wall ventilation. You can’t just overlook the role of external wall vents, as they help you keep the environment of the indoors normal. External wall ventilation will remove the excess heat and moisture that may build up indoors and create problems for people staying inside. However, one of the challenging tasks is to look for an appropriate type of external wall ventilation, as a wide variety of external wall ventilation products are available in the market. You need to figure out the type that will bring the desired outcome. For instance, you need to choose one from Acoustic louvres, Operable louvres, Air n’ Lite louvres, Two Stage Louvres, or many other types of louvres. We have gathered some useful details about the aforementioned types of external wall ventilation louvres to help you understand the basic difference between these products and which one will suit you better. Further details are given below:


Two Stage Louvres:

These louvres are designed to offer optimal protection against rainwater while doing their main job effectively as well. They are also called Double Bank Louvres and are specifically designed to provide efficient rain defence and external wall ventilation. These louvres are generally used for external wall ventilation of electrical substations, electrical equipment rooms, data centres, and any other establishment where the sensitive electrical or electronic equipment requires natural ventilation and added protection against rainwater as well. You may see these louvres used for the sites or situations where no sight is necessary from outside. 


Acoustic Louvres:

Typically, acoustic louvres are used to offer noise reduction while satisfying the needs for an optimum airflow and vision control from the indoors to outside the building. The ideal establishments that are known to get great advantages because of this louvre type are public buildings, compressor rooms, generator rooms, mechanical plant rooms, schools, and even hospitals.


Operable Louvres:

This type of louvres is designed to achieve maximum ventilation and weatherproofing in such a way that it efficiently satisfies the architectural and engineering requirements of a building. This type of louvres works perfectly when maximum natural airflow ventilation is required along with the highest level of weatherproofing. Operable louvres for external wall ventilation purposes are typically used for establishments that are used for storage of chemicals and acids. Additionally, these louvres can be used for manufacturing facilities and buildings that require customisable airflow options.



Air n’ Lite Louvres:

This type of external wall ventilation louvre is one of the most sought after louvres amongst all the available louvres and rightly so. These louvres allow the ventilation of natural airflow while allowing the entrance of sunlight. Additionally, these external wall ventilation louvres offer efficient resistance against the rain, moisture, and other weather elements. The Air n’ Lite louvres are capable of blending in with any type of architectural design and structure efficiently. You can use this type of louvres with almost any type of building or establishment including commercial areas, defence units, educational institutes, industrial buildings, healthcare establishments, gymnasiums, and even the swimming pools. Additionally, you can use this type of external air ventilation with any type of building that requires a large amount of air ventilation and sunlight along with strong resistance against weather elements.

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